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Now you can snuggle up to your very own Wallace the Pit Bull plush toy! This new pocket pittie is a plush version of that most famous National and World Championship canine disc dog. It even has a Wallace’s little heart shaped spot on the back. Brought to a shelter as a stray, the high-energy Wallace was rescued and taken in by a couple who could see this dog was made for the sporting life! Since taking on this mission, Wallace has earned the respect of people from all over the world. And he competes right along side the best disc dogs on the planet. However, Wallace doesn’t care if he gets a trophy or not. He just knows he’s alive and he’s having fun chasing a piece of flying plastic all over the country. At each competition we’ve been to, whether we take home the gold or just end up back at home, we have changed the mind of somebody and opened their eyes to think differently about the Pit Bull€ breed. That’s what it’s all about!! Wallace has surpassed any expectations we could have imagined. Our mission now is to use Wallace’s story to inspire other bully owners to get out there and show off their fellow breed ambassadors.€” Roo Yori, Wallace’s dad. For each Wallace sold, $4.00 will be donated to Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation. Pocket Pitties by CharlieDog and Friends are a group of plush stuffed animals based on real Pit Bulls from the shelter system. Each Pocket Pittie is lovingly inspected and dressed with a unique “Adopt” collar bracelet, a unique accessory that you can remove and wear yourself as a bracelet. The bracelets are made of 100% cotton Michael Miller fabric and are embroidered with the word “Adopt”. Wear one, and you’ll quickly find yourself in a conversation with a stranger about the pets you’ve both adopted and the lives you’ve saved. Included with your purchase is a postcard of the real-life dog, and his/her story, and a Facebook card for Bruised Not Broken (who welcomes your friendship). All Pocket Pitties are 7 inches when seated, and 9 inches from the top of their head to the bottom of their toes. They are made of super-soft velour, with embroidered features and no plastic parts. They’re machine washable, but you may want to simply spot clean them. They’re weighted with little beans, but they’re not baggy. All plush toy Pocket Pitties also come with an “Adopt” collar bracelet.

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