The Pit Bull Princess

Sugar - A Princess Pit Bull Finds her Family


We LOVE this book! This is a beautiful hard copy childrenÂ’s book about a wonderful Pit Bull named Sadie Sue, who has become the proud mother of five fuzzy soft and silky American Pit Bull Terriers. She dreams that each puppy will find a safe home with loving humans. Princess happens to be the runt of the litter. She is the true leader of all the puppies and relates to her beloved brothers with warmth and care. As her brothers find their own families, Princess bids goodbye to each of them. Princess wants a home too, but her challenge is to find a family who wants a tiny runt like her. Finally, when Michael, the volunteer caregiver arrives to the shed, Princess's ultimate dream comes true. Princess was a real dog and the heart of the author's family for many years. She was renamed Sugar for her warm and loving nature. This book could be used as a tool in places; such as Foster Care and Adoption Agencies, to make children feel like they are important and needed. This book is not only adorable, but it is educational as well. It also makes a great gift!

Manufacturer Part Number: 156


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