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Ruger Tails


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Ruger Tails by Kristin George is based on a true story of a Pit Bull rescued by two unsuspecting dog lovers. Kristin and Ben went on vacation to Sarasota, Florida in the summer of 2012. They decided they wanted a dog and what better place to find one than in the beautiful state of Florida. After looking at all of the dogs in the pound, Kristin and Ben knew that Ruger was the right dog for them. Ruger was a ten-month-old Pit Bull mix and Kristin and Ben had an instant connection with him. He seemed like the sweetest dog, and he was, but Kristin and Ben didn't know what they had gotten themselves into. Ruger was a high-energy, free-spirited dog with much love and affection to give. This also meant that Ruger got into a lot of trouble. The first years with Ruger were unlike anything Kristin and Ben could have ever predicted. Ruger got into more trouble than ever imaginable, doing things that puzzled everyone, but looking back we can finally laugh at his unique personality and the way he chose to express himself. Ruger Tails is a story about Ruger's huge personality and will take you on a new adventure in each story, exploring all of Ruger's silly behavior. We hope you fall in love with Ruger the way that Kristin and Ben have and grow to feel a special bond with him through the funny situations Ruger gets himself into. This is a paperback book.

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