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Purple Pit Bull Lavender Sachet


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Freshen the air the natural way – with a Pit Bull sachet! We live on a 75 acre farm in upstate NY and grow lavender – Every year we harvest and dry lots of beautiful, fragrant lavender. We just started making charming Purple Pit Bull Lavender Sachets that you can put almost anywhere to enjoy the wonderful, calming scent of lavender.

Our lavender sachets are filled with lavender grown on our farm without chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Tuck one in a drawer for sweet-smelling clothes, or hang them in your wardrobe or linen closet to relieve musty odors. Bring a calming scent to any room in your home by piling a few sachets in an appealing bowl, or hide them behind couch cushions for a breath of serene, relaxing scent every time you sit down. Sachet measures 3.5" x 4".

WARNING: Lavender sachets are for human use, NOT for use with pets. They are not for consumption. Keep product out of reach of children.

Manufacturer Part Number: 413


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