The Pit Bull Princess

Pit Bull Promise Ring


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Wear this ring as a symbol of your commitment to our beloved Pit Bulls for strength and motivation. Rings are sterling silver and measure approximately 6mm wide. Hand stamped with the word PROMISE and two Pit Bull faces. There is room to personalize the other side of the ring if you wish to add a dogs name or other word of inspiration. The ring comes with a card that reads: The Pit Bull Promise Ring I promise to do whatever I can to help Pit Bull type dogs live a safe, healthy life free of abuse, discrimination and cruelty. I will educate others, volunteer, adopt, foster, donate, write and call legislators and government officials. I will not stop until all the dogs are safe. I promise I will do whatever it takes for my dog(s) to be physically healthy and mentally balanced. I will know and understand my dog(s) and never set them up for failure. I will keep my dog for life. I promise that I will not take on more than I can handle. I will know my limits and understand that the more healthy and well-balanced my own life is, the more I will be able to do for the dogs. Rings are made to order and ship within 15 business days. Price includes stamping.

Manufacturer Part Number: 371


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