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Pit Bull Awareness Wristband


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Every day thousands of Pit Bulls suffer and die due to ignorance, misunderstanding, greed and prejudice. You can help raise awareness by wearing a Pit Bull wristband. It reads, END BSL - EDUCATE/ADOPT - SPAY/NEUTER. (BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation)

These wristband are great conversation starters! I am frequently asked by people what it means, and it gives me the opportunity to educate them about breed specific legislation, pet overpopulation, dog fighting and the truth about pit bulls.

Price includes one wristband and information card with suggestions on how to help Pit Bulls and how to be a responsible Pit Bull owner.

Manufacturer Part Number: 448


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Pittbull bands

As a former Dog Caregiver at Best Friends I am an advocate of the Pit bull breed. The wrist bands open up a wonferdul opportunity to educate the public on this misunderstood breed. Thank you Pitbill Princess!
Posted by Lupie Sandoval, Sep 12th 2018