The Pit Bull Princess

Jonny Justice Plush Toy


Jonny Justice is an adorable plush dog serves as a cuddly companion for your little one. Back in 2007, a black-and-white Pit Bull was one of 49 dogs rescued from the Bad Newz Kennels dog-fighting ring owned by football player Michael Vick. With the dog having experienced very little in the way of positive interactions with people or other animals, the outlook for him was bleak. That is until Cris Cohen and Jennifer Long stepped in, scooped up the pup, and offered him a second chance at life. Now known as Jonny Justice, he is enjoying his new role as a therapy pooch in San Francisco and was crowned as the ASPCA Dog of the Year at the organization’s 2014 Humane Awards Luncheon Jonny Justice, a Pit Bull Terrier, is now a symbol for the fight against animal cruelty. Jonny won the first-ever GUND Top Dog photo contest, where thousands vied to become the next GUND plush pooch. Now comfortably settled into his new role as a therapy-dog star, Cohen says that Jonny “just loves people” and craves to be the center of attention in all circumstances. “Even in the slow parts of the day, all he wants is to be with his people. He is a softie!” QUANTITY LIMITED.

Manufacturer Part Number: 483


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