About Us

The Pit Bull Princess specializes in gifts and merchandise that promote a positive image of Pit Bulls. We work with a large number of artists and vendors to provide our customers with a large selection of unique, high quality products. We also donate a portion of net profit to pit bull rescues and animal shelters.

In 2004 I worked for a town that had a dog kennel adjacent to the main building that housed dogs brought in by animal control. It was there that I met the dog who would change my life. Her name was Lexi. She was so calm in the kennel; while all the other dogs were barking and jumping, she just sat there – melting my heart with her chestnut brown eyes. She was my first dog and I did not even know (or care) what breed she was. I just thought she was the sweetest, most beautiful dog I had ever seen and I adopted her. We spent the next ten years together, and it was the best ten years of my life!

Soon after I got her, I distinctly remember being asked a lot of questions about her because she was a pit bull – and that when I walked her people would often cross the street to avoid us. I did not expect this reaction and it opened my eyes to the discrimination that faced pit bulls.

In response I read every book I could about pit bulls and scoured the internet for information. When people asked me questions such as, “do they really have locking jaws?” I was prepared with an educated response, "No that is a myth." This led me on a journey I had not anticipated and changed the course of my life forever.

I started volunteering at my local animal shelter, then with a pit bull rescue, Out of the Pits. It was not long before I started fostering pit bulls, and at one time had five dogs, as I kept keeping them! Lexi was very friendly and sweet. She was great with other dogs, cats, and kids. She passed the American Temperament Test, Canine Good Citizen test and Therapy Dog test. She helped me teach children about Pit Bulls and responsible pet ownership.

Back then when I saw pit bull merchandise in stores or online, it was mostly all products showing snarling dogs with cropped ears, spiked collars and big teeth. That was NOT the pit bull I knew and loved, and I knew there were a lot of other pit bull owners out there who had silly, floppy eared wiggle butts who would love to buy a sticker or t-shirt representing their Pit Bull.  From this, my inspiration to start The Pit Bull Princess was born. Lexi inspired the name of the business, as she was a total diva princess! 

Since we opened in 2009, I have become friends with many of our customers. I've received hundreds of pictures of beautiful Pit Bulls and learned their amazing stories and the incredible things people do for these dogs.

Thank you for shopping at The Pit Bull Princess! I hope you have a great experience and return often. A portion of net profit goes to support Pit Bull rescue organizations across the country.