The Pit Bull Princess

A Winged Pit Bull Angel Necklace - Natural Ears


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Our newest winged pit bull necklace is a Pit Bull Princess exclusive design with many meanings. I think all pit bulls are little angels, so its only fitting that they should have wings. I created this design based on my dog, Bruno, who is my heart and soul. It captures the pure spirit of pit bulls. 

It can also be worn in memory of a special pit bull that you may have recently lost, or in memory of all pit bulls who have lost their lives due to ignorance and fear. 

The pendant is .925 sterling silver and measures 3/4" wide and 1" tall. It comes on your choice of a stainless steel box chain 16 inches or 18 inches, or a sterling silver snake or bead chain 16 inches or 18 inches for an additional $15.00.

It is made in the USA. 


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Winged pit bull necklace

Thank you so much for your awesome product. I gave it to my wife as a gift to remember our 15 year old pittie that passed last week. She loved it!
Posted by Chris Kelso, Oct 8th 2021